Space Cowboy


A story of learning to be alone, told with an astronaut puppet and harmonica in outer space

"Do you need a break from the digital world and the incessant flow of information? Are you tired of always being available and never being able to switch off completely? Then COSMIC CRUISE's© tailor-made offline journey to outer space is exactly what you're looking for! Our journey into space gives you the unique opportunity to leave your busy everyday life, completely offline to find yourself again. Boost your confidence and become who you always wanted to be, only with COSMIC CRUISE©!"

Space Cowboy is a performance for primary school about the importance of being able to have peace in one's own company. The show will premiere September 2024 at Teater Zebu. 

Director: Espen Dekko
Scenographer: Amanda Axelsen
Puppeteer: Evi Arnsbjerg Brygmann
Composer/live musician: Mathias Heise
Music producer: Mads Christiansen

Light design: Viktor Holm Lauridsen