A sensory tale of rediscovery and embracing inner creativity.

Non-verbal puppet theatre for adults and children from 12 years

Two workaholics work their lives away in a grotesque, Kafkaesque office universe made of paper. The universe is ruled by an all-powerful boss, personified by a water dispenser filled with ink, which the two women have to drink in order to function. This office world has been the same for hundreds of years - until a small voice appears. The voice comes from the paper, which has come alive and wants change.

The paper is transformed into a little puppet, opening up another world where creativity and playfulness reign; and the known order of the universe is turned upside down. Over the course of the play, the puppet grows and transforms from about 40 cm to over 3 metres.

Paperlicious leaves room for many different associations, and this is where the power of puppetry really comes into play. As an associative material, paper works extremely well as it is malleable and changeable, and a special magic is created when dead material suddenly comes to life.

The piece's video projections support the eerie and constant sense of surveillance. With its examination of paper and ink, the performance awakens the audience's imagination and, through both theme and expression, encourages the audience to (re)discover and cultivate their inner creativity.


Evi Arnsbjerg Brygmann, Bianka Drozdik

Scenography: Andrea Lindeneg

Composer: Christoffer Høyer

Sound design: Kristoffer Alm

Light design: Victor Nuno Lyse

Directing consulents: Lotte Arnsbjerg, Rolf Søborg Hansen
Photographer: Beate Nelken

Paperlicious won a 2. place at Freisprung Festival 2022